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With the rapid change experienced by organisations today, rarely are training solutions enough to achieve sustainable results. TripleWin Consulting offers consulting services to perform a comprehensive assessment of the current organisation culture and environment and on-going consulting services. Each proposal is written based on these findings, applying a customised approach to every situation. Our consulting is often teamed with the delivery of TripleWin training courses.


TripleWin offers consulting services beginning with a comprehensive assessment that helps us create a customised solution. Through a careful and thorough assessment, we will propose the best approach to assist you in implementing your changes. Many of our proposals blend consulting with training solutions. We actively partner with the organisations we are helping to assure ownership and long-term commitment and understanding of the change process remains in the organisation.

TripleWin consultants can:

  • Build customer-focused cultures and processes
  • Support a wide range of change projects
  • Build and develop your teams
  • Design and deliver leadership and team development sessions
  • Implement teams at all levels of the organisation

We begin our partnership with finding out, from you, what is going on. Here is a list of questions that can help us get started:

  • What is working well today?
  • What challenges are facing your organisation today?
  • What are your current solutions? How well are the solutions working?
  • How effectively are the leaders leading the organisation?
  • What performance deficiencies need to be addressed?
  • What must be done to achieve long lasting results?
  • How successfully have you implemented other changes?
  • What does success look like?
  • Where would you like to start?
  • What is the next action to take?


The TripleWin partners are experienced and certified coaches. We use a variety of processes and methods to assist individuals meet their personal objectives. In addition to providing one-on-one coaching services, TripleWin provides training and development for coaches and mentors.

The value of using external coaches with leaders and key employees is broadly recognized. TripleWin coaches successfully:

  • Create an environment for solving problems and raising personal accountability
  • Identify and address performance challenges
  • Raise awareness and understanding of interpersonal dynamics
  • Encourage continuous personal and professional development

TripleWin Coaching Model


Our Relationship-based Coaching and our TripleWin Mentoring courses build internal coaching capability. We have used our own certification experiences and built courses that can set your internal resources up for success.

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