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Organisations successfully execute change when they focus on 3 Wins, A Win for the Customer, A Win for the organisation, A Win for the Individual. Typical change initiatives have no shortage of great thinking or strategies – the missing element is a process that mobilizes the organisation to implement the vision and strategies. Failure in execution is often due to lack of aligned processes and people. TripleWin training courses address this shortfall.
TripleWin courses include an optimum mix of theory, experiential learning events, and workplace application. They can be customised to meet a specific organisational need.

Available program topics include:

  • Customer Care & Sales
  • Consulting & Facilitation
  • Change Management
  • Team & Culture Development
  • Relationships (Communication, Conflict, Negotiation, Problem Solving)
  • Leadership

We have a highly interactive teaching style, combining practice sessions with relevant theory and principles to create a rich and engaging learning environment . Over the past 10 years, we have also created and delivered three multi-course offerings. These include our Professional Development Program, our Leadership Academy, and our Consulting & Change Skills Academy. Any of our courses can be combined into an Academy format to achieve a higher level of skill development , content comprehension, and skill transfer to the workplace.

We recommend our Powered by 3 Wins™ course to:

  • Launch new organisations (due to mergers or downsizing)
  • Assist organisations execute significant changes
  • Increase focus on customer loyalty and gain higher levels of employee engagement
  • Energize the company culture, spark teamwork, generate collaboration, or address low employee engagement

TripleWin can help you answer these training and development questions:

  • Do you need to build internal consulting and facilitation capability?
  • Do you need to grow and develop your managers and leaders?
  • Can you benefit from improving your customer approach?
  • Are you struggling with organisational issues related to alignment, engagement, and accountability?
  • Is it time for you to build more internal change and consulting capability?
  • Are you looking for proven team development approaches, programs, and facilitators?
  • Are you ready to invest in your people to attract, inspire, and retain your top talent?
  • Is your organisation in the midst of significant change?

Today’s business success is founded on building and maintaining collaborative relationships. Team and interpersonal skills are as relevant today as much as at any point in history. Focusing on creating a win-win, collaborative culture can fundamentally and quickly propel an organisation forward – energy follows focus.


TripleWin Alliance members are available to deliver talks to audiences of all types and sizes. Popular topics include teamwork, leadership, customer care, and culture change.


Relationship-Based Coaching


Leadership Academy


Powered by 3-Wins

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