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POCkit Guide™ to Experiential Learning

Compiled and written by Nancy Brown-Johnston and Shelley McLean

Experiential learning is a powerful way to help teams and groups understand their strengths and habits while identifying areas that need improvement. We created the POCkit Guide™ to encourage practitioners and leaders to use experiential activities to increase learning and to help individuals and groups explore the impact their behaviors and choices have on others. Each initiative has: an activity description, suggested number of participants, materials list, suggested time frame, specific set-up instructions and debriefing questions.

Experiential learning is an approach to education that has grown in popularity over the past twenty years. The steps are easy. Set up and conduct an initiative, have participants reflect upon their experience to gain insights from the experience and encourage them to incorporate their new understanding into their work and personal lives. Team initiatives capture the interest and involvement of the participants in training and meeting settings. But most importantly, done well, they contribute significantly to the transfer of learning and behaviour change.

POCkit Guide™ Initiatives:

  • Aircraft
  • Blind Polygon
  • Building Confusion
  • Bull Ring
  • Egg Drop
  • Electric Carpet
  • Fifteen Words
  • Human Knot
  • Magic Carpet
  • Marble Pass
  • Nine Balls
  • Pasta Palace
  • Penny Pitch
  • Personal Disclosure
  • Spider Web
  • Stump Jump
  • Sugar Cube Tower
  • Team Radar
  • Traffic Jam
  • Trust Walk
  • Wing It
  • ...and 30 more!

The Driving Force:
Lessons in Teamwork from Saturn and Other Leading Companies

Written by Nancy Brown-Johnston

After investing my entire professional life working in and with teams, I am concerned about the limited success of teams in most organisations. I also noticed that many people are writing about why teams fail. I decided to write about how to make teams, of all kinds and purposes, WORK.

The Driving Force is a practical guide for helping teams succeed. It includes practical tools and assessments that truly work. The benefits gained from reading this book are straightforward: learn from others who have done this work and who live with the results. Plus, you will discover easy to use teamwork tools that get results.


  • Making Teams a Good Business Strategy
  • A Formula for Team Success
  • Are You Ready for a Team?


  • Natural Work Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Virtual Teams
  • Quick-Change Teams
  • Global Teams
  • Executive Leadership Teams


  • Team Tools
  • Assessments

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