TripleWin - Our Roots

The catalyst for TripleWin Consulting is General Motors’ Saturn Corporation. General Motors (GM) formed Saturn in the mid-1980’s to bring about major changes in how their vehicles were designed, built, and sold. To create a platform to make tough, but necessary changes, GM set up the Saturn Corporation as a wholly-owned subsidiary and located its manufacturing facility 600 miles away from Detroit in rural Spring Hill, Tennessee.

From the beginning, Saturn operated by a set of values and philosophy that can be simply summarized as win-win. This win-win approach was implemented in many facets of the operations – e.g. union-management relationships, leader-to-team member interactions, customers-to-retailer transactions, and in retailer-to-company relationships – the spirit of win-win is one of Saturn’s strategic advantages. The strongest results at Saturn came in the innovative approach Saturn uses with its customers (People First) and in the strength of the Saturn value-based organisational culture. Saturn changed peoples’ lives and created a successful new approach to producing and selling automobiles. General Motors made the tough decision to eliminate the Saturn brand and operations as part of their reorganisation and downsizing strategies.

In 1991, former Saturn President, Richard G. (Skip) LeFauve created a small consulting team (Saturn Consulting Services) to respond to hundreds of requests to learn from the Saturn approach. The team of consultants delivered speeches, tours, training, and consulting services all over the world, using effective experiential learning approaches and the Saturn values and philosophy as their platform. Although the team was disbanded in 2000, and the training and consulting resources were redeployed inside Saturn and General Motors, the Saturn way lives on in many GM employees, products, and sales strategies.

The strengths of the products and services sold by Saturn Consulting Services (SCS) built on the Saturn values of Commitment to Customer Enthusiasm, Teamwork, Trust and Respect for the Individual, and Continuous Improvement. In 2002, TripleWin Consulting purchased the rights to the SCS programs. Since that time, new courses and services have been added to the original Saturn training programs to meet customer needs. The original spirit of Saturn can be found in every TripleWin program or service.

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