TripleWin Win for the Customer

Are you continually working on creating a more customer-focused organisation or just looking after the spreadsheet numbers?

A successful organisation and a healthy return on investment is rarely achieved without excellent customer service focus and a good customer service reputation.

Customer focus increases business profits and saves money, and therefore plays a major role towards failure or success. The difference between a great company and a good company is that a great and successful company sees the customer as the ‘true north’.

When the customer is viewed as the ‘true north’, a win for the customer is always inherent. From the first encounter, whether this has taken place on the phone, online, in a shop, restaurant or plane to the time the business provides a service or a product.

Satisfied customers come back again and again and again. Unsatisfied customers tell nine times more people about their experience, influencing them not to try or return to that service or product.

When satisfied customers experience the Win, the ripple effect is employee satisfaction and organisational success. The TripleWin value results of a TripleWin approach.

Today many customer service gurus refer to our Saturn Roots as the foundation of how to create and excel in customer service. This was demonstrated from the beginning when Saturn owner enthusiasm went off the charts, with some customers even volunteering their free time on a Saturday to be with their local Saturn dealerships.

Books such as:

  • Winning At Retail: Developing a Sustained Model for Retail Success By Willard N. Ander, Neil Z. Stern
  • Building Strong Brands by David A Aaker
  • The Brand Who Cried Wolf: Deliver on Your Company's Promise and Create Customers for Life By Scott Deming
...all talk of Saturn as a leader in not only committing to customer service but able to create fiercely loyal and passionate customers by redefining relationships with customers; becoming known for ecstatic buyer satisfaction to the extent that a brand was built on it.

There are many who talk customer service but here at TripleWin we not only talk it, we live it, and we can help you do the same.

Our collaborative TripleWin Value Model can help your business succeed.

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