TripleWin Win for the Individual

Do you have poor performing staff, a lack of accountability, productivity and engagement?

Then start focusing on TripleWin.

Do you have Individual/Employee Passionate Engagement? If not why not?

Is it ‘them’ or is something else occurring in the workplace?

One of the lessons learned from our Roots with the Saturn Motor Corporation and written about by leading universities around the world, including Harvard and Wharton University is that the focus on the individual passion was key to their success. Some of their threads of success was the belief and commitment that;

  • People are the most important asset
  • Ownership by all, everyone is responsible
  • Equality is practiced, not just preached
  • Total trust is a must
  • People are given responsibility and authority to do the job
  • People will work together towards common goals under the right atmosphere of mutual trust and respect
  • This can be achieved with people from a wide variety of cultures
  • People will make personal sacrifices to achieve common goals if they believe their input is important and will be used

By focusing on the importance of the individual, even dissenters want to focus on team work, quality and productivity. By providing the skills, the leadership, your focus on individuals can optimise overall business performance.

This is the collaborative TripleWin Value Model that helps business succeed!

Failing to focus on all three wins simultaneously causes the biggest challenges in daily operations and in long-term performance.

When anyone one of these is out of balance, organisation and performance goals are not achieved and issues arise internally causing:

  • Team competitiveness instead of team cohesion and collaboration
  • Mediocre customer focus instead of customer excellence
  • Individual disengagement and mediocrity rather than alignment, engagement and passion

Organisations succeed when they focus on 3 Wins

  • A Win for the Customer,
  • A Win for the organisation, and
  • A Win for the Individual.

Failing to focus on all three simultaneously causes the biggest challenges in daily operations and in long-term performance. There is a constant balancing act required and when things are out of balance, issues pop up that must be addressed to assure the organisation can reach its performance goals.

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