TripleWin Win for the Organisation

Are you continually concerned about achieving results? Or worried about poor performing staff, the lack of accountability, productivity and engagement?

Then start focusing on TripleWin.

Organisations succeed when they focus on 3 Wins

  • A Win for the Customer,
  • A Win for the organisation, and
  • A Win for the Individual.

Failing to focus on all three simultaneously causes the biggest challenges in daily operations and in long-term performance. There is a constant balancing act required and when things are out of balance, issues pop up that must be addressed to ensure the organisation can reach its performance goals.

Organisational Reality

After interviewing 250 people from a major global corporation across all regions of the company, the following issues surfaced:

  • Lack of commitment to putting the customer first
  • Inadequate engineering and quality assurance processes
  • Conflict between key major parts of the business
  • Competition within the executive team
  • Short term focus of the top leaders
  • Lack of training and development of people

As a result, the organisation is out of balance and even with extensive effort throughout the organisation, the sense of winning and success is not being felt. Organisational pride and confidence is low.

All 3 Wins – for the Customer, the organisation, and the Individual – are missing.

To address these challenges, we turned to the philosophy used to create and maintain our roots - Saturn Corporation’s culture from 1986 until the early 2000s when General Motors eliminated the Saturn brand.

The Saturn brand throughout the United States created a true customer family not just excellent customer service and employee engagement.

Major organisations such as Pepsi-Cola, and the US Defence Force engaged the Saturn philosophy to grow their companies. Consultants from the UK, Australia and AsiaPac took their clients to see what organisational success looked like in order to replicate it back home.

Even in 2012, the book, Coffee Conversations by authors Grant Donovan, an Australian PhD, corporate coach and researcher working in a number of countries and Shane Garland, a corporate manager at Qantas and Woolworths, talk about how in studying high performance workplaces, they used and gave presentations on the Saturn philosophy. More importantly how they applied it to the organisations within which they worked creating and increasing success throughout the organisations with which they were associated.

Healthy conversations result from high performance workplaces - the goals of many organisations today.

The Saturn philosophy was the first to highlight collaboration in all its forms and a commitment to seek win-win-win solutions – this was the core of the Saturn culture.

TripleWin’s are defined as:

  • The customer is the ‘true north,’ and as such, a win for the customer is always inherent.
  • It is necessary for the business to succeed, so the organisation naturally is the second win.
  • And finally, without every individual benefiting and being developed, the commitment to “do the work” falters, so the third win belongs to each contributing individual.

Without cooperation and collaboration the 3 wins are impossible to obtain or maintain. This was the Saturn Difference.

Simply put, creating a TripleWin culture in your organisation will make working together easier. The payback will be evident with every decision, every problem, and every interaction.

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